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  Nylon Mesh  
  Full range of nylon mesh in all sizes.  
  Nylon Mesh Fabrics  
  Available for mesh sleeves, filter and window screen  
  Nylon Netting  
  Fuxiang provides quality nylon net for



High Tension Nylon Mesh
Nylon Mesh Fabrics
Nylon Netting
Nylon Mesh Tube
Nylon Mesh Sleeve
Nylon Filter Mesh
Nylon Woven Screen Mesh
Nylon Window Screen
Knotless Nylon Net
Construction Safety Net


Nylon Netting

We produce the following:
High Tenacity Nylon Fishing Net;
Nyolon Monofilament Nets;
Nylon Double Knots Netting.

Nylon netting is also known as Nylon screen mesh, polyamide screen mesh and polyester screen mesh.
Material: Nylon 1010, nylon 66, polyamide and polyester fiber.
Use: Screening and filtering of pharmacy, chemical industry, dyestuff, fishing and foodstuff.

• Weight: 162g/m2
• Mesh size: 30mm×30mm
• Mesh thickness: 2.5mm
• Size: 12mesh to 100mesh.

Size and color could be made as requirement.

Nylon Mono Multifilament Fishing Netting
Knotted Fishing Nets
1. Diameter: 0.11mm -0.20mm
2. Mesh Size: 1"-- 6"
3. Length: 100metes, 100yards, etc
4. Double Knot,
5. Lengthwise or Depthwise Stretching
6. Color: White, Grey, Blue Color, etc

Polyester Fishing Nets  

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