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High Tension Nylon Mesh

High tension nylon mesh nettings enjoy strong wear resistance but weak acid and alkali resistance. The nylon fabric is used in a wide range of different fields, such as the medical and pharmaceutical industries, filtration, acoustic, automotive, milling and many other applications. Mostly, nylon nets are supplied in the range of 10 to 330 mesh / inch, 40 to 550 micron thread diameter, 65 to 950 micron thickness, 37 to 1950 micron aperture. Custom sizes welcome.

Fuxiang popular nylon products cover the following types:
1)40um high tension micron monofilament nylon mesh;
2)Nylon High Tension Silk Screen Printing Mesh;
3)Food grade high tension smooth surface nylon 1000 micron mesh fabric;
4)550 micron high tension nylon mesh fabric.

Nylon Mesh for Printing Uses
Color: Yellow, red, white, black and other colors
Use: Printing and dyeing
Specifications: 80-500 mesh / inch

High Tension Nylon Mesh for Medicine Sieve Screening
Color: White
Use: Pharmaceutical
Specifications: 6-40 mesh / inch

High Tension Nylon Fabric for Air-conditioning Netting
Colors: Black and white
Use: Air-conditioning filter

Dutch Woven High Tension Nylon Mesh
Opening: 30 * 60 mesh, 30 * 80 mesh, 30 * 90 mesh, 30 * 100 mesh, 30 * 120 mesh
Used as conveyor belt or mesh covering for tubes.

Specification List of High Tension Nylon Mesh:





Nylon Mixed Netting


Yellow, red, white, black

Printing and dyeing, filtration

Nylon Netting


Yellow, red, white, black

Making of crafts and filters

Medicine Sieve Screening




Air-conditioning Netting


Black and white

Air-conditioning filter


165cm 100t-40um high tension micron monofilament nylon mesh

Wear resistance;
Corrosion resistance;
Good resilience;
High capability of gathering dust;
Low initial resistance;
Repeatedly used after washing;
Weak acid and alkali resistance.



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