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Nylon Mesh Tube

Nylon mesh tubes are pressure tubes used for air, water and oil steaming pipelines of automobiles forklifts, engineering machines, diesel engines and assembly line production.

General Technical Information:
100% HDPE+UV stablished, 385g/m2
Hexagonal hole, Opening: 3.5cm.
Material: PA-11,PA-12
Size: 6*1,8*1,5*1,10*1.25,12*1.5,14*1.5,16*1.5
Color: Red, natural, black, yellow

We produce the following:
50 micron nylon screen filter mesh tube.
Fence Decorative Nylon Mesh Fabric Tube.
Nylon mesh woven tube sleeve.

1)High flixibility and good bending
2)Hard to be Burned
5)Glossy surface

6) Good chemical resistance to ammonium hydroxide, some alcohol, benzene, essential oils, fats, grease, betones and toluene.

50 micron nylon screen filter mesh tube
Material: 100% nylon
Weaving: Plain weave
Mesh Count: 4T~140T mesh/cm(10mesh~355 mesh/inch)
Max. Width: 365cm (143 inch)
Color: White(Customized)
Mesh Opening:30-1500um

Pressure Sleeve Tubes

HDPE Nylon Mesh

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